Forum Title: Christmas gifts for customers?
Was wondering what everyone does for Christmas gifts for the larger customers or if anybody does anything at all. In the past I have just sent out Christmas cards but this year I am thinking about sending some post it note pads with my logo as well as Christmas cards. In the past I have received a car air freshener from a company that did some graphics work for me which I think was a good idea but I think post it notes will go a lot further. Just looking for some input on what everyone does!
Category: Paving Post By: SEAN ORTIZ (Billings, MT), 12/30/2019

My big customers I give booze and a few I will give restaurant gift cards

- JOHN G (Dallas, TX), 01/31/2020

we send Christmas cards, I have wondered if a restaurant gift card would be appreciated, might try for my biggest customer or two.

- BONNIE SANDERS (Hempstead, NY), 01/31/2020

What gets hard is who gets what. We used to get gift certificates and also give out with a Christmas card to the top clients. Backed away from the gift cards about ten years ago, but still do a nice Christmas card. Im not a fan of the cheaper trinkets or calendars, and I hate when we get them. Honestly, if you have the time, go to Costco, buy some of their seasonal stuff like a bag of Almond Roca, slap a bow on it, and then hand deliver and spread the holiday cheer that way. They will remember that, and the candy never gets forgotten. If you do want to do trinkets, skip all the usual stuff and go for high end gifts. Knives, Mag lights, high end tumblers etc. You also need to be cautious of internal company policies with gifts, many clients are prohibited from receiving gifts.

- TONI YANG (Vallejo, CA), 01/31/2020

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